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Introduction to XMPro | 1hr 28min

Kickstart your XMPro journey with our comprehensive intro course, covering the platform's end-to-end capabilities. Learn the basics, from overview to subscription management.


Data Stream Designer | 2hr 34min

Master the essentials of XMPro's Data Stream Designer with our comprehensive course, tailored to empower you in creating seamless data integrations and streamlining your workflow.


Recommendation Management | 1hr 26min

Enhance decision-making with our Recommendations Management course, covering strategies for impactful results. Learn to manage, evaluate, and implement recommendations organization-wide.


Application Designer | 1hr 50min

Boost your skills with XMPro's Application Designer in our focused course, as you learn to create custom applications efficiently.


UI Design Basics | 1hr 02min

Learn practical design principles to help you create professional-looking apps, even if you aren’t a trained UI designer.


UX Design for Real-Time Apps | 0hr 15min

Dive into our UX Design for Real-Time Apps course, where you'll explore design strategies tailored for interactive, live experiences.

External Courses

Digital Twins - Fundementals, Techniques & Approaches | 1hr 28min

Examine the core components of a digital twin, the data sources they are composed from, and reality capture technologies used to build them.
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